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Monday – Friday: 7:30am – 4:00pm
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Our Coronavirus Policies

Thanks for taking the time to understand what we’re doing to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and keep our family business turning over.

First we would like to list each measure we take then give some background to how we’ve come to these decisions:

  • We’ve made it explicitly clear to our team that no one is to come to work if they feel even remotely ill
  • Our team is made up of 4 family members that live in two households and outside of our business & essential shopping we are practicing the social distancing procedures outlined for everyone

We clean your car on arrival to keep us safe and before we return to keep you safe 🙂

  • Each staff member wears gloves when working on or entering your vehicle
  • Despite the gloves we are reminding our team to regularly wash their hands
  • Out team will wear masks when inside your car and do any test drives with windows down, weather permitting.
  • We currently don’t accept cash payment so please be prepared for tap and go, credit card, pay prior to pickup or our new Zip Pay option.
  • We handle your keys as little as possible by keeping them in a bag and only popping a hole for the required key
  • Prior to handing over your vehicle our team will clean with an isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant
    •  handles
    • door frame
    • steering wheel
    • gear sticks
    • hood, boot & seat adjustment latches
    • dashboard
    • radio
    • glovebox surfaces
    • seatbelt and latch
    • log book

In the case of a call out we’ll be doing the following procedures

  • We will ensure our call out support is wearing gloves and a basic mask (non-medical).
  • We request that any passengers or additional people other than the driver wait at a safe distance due to social distancing laws.

Regarding Courtesy Cars

We recognize that courtesy cars have an added risk so we are putting a particular focus on the procedure around change over with our courtesy cars.
Our preference is for our courtesy cars to be returned to our driveway with the keys left in the ignition and we arrange payment. We then require 20 min at minimum to thoroughly clean the car.

  • Change temporary floor mat
  • We clean the following with isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant
    • handles
    • door frame
    • steering wheel
    • gear sticks
    • hood, boot & seat adjustment latches
    • dashboard
    • radio
  • Once the car is clean we place the key in a fresh bag with the date of clean clearly labeled so no one enters the car without cleaning on exit.

Essentially we do this process to ensure we are safe and then do it all again before we pass the car back to you to ensure you are safe and confident. Talk to our team, if it makes you feel better we can arrange a time to Facetime your car clean for that extra piece of mind.

We’ve taken the time to read over government advice on workplace procedures covering more *general practices* and incorporated that into our plan. This includes advice of the *lifespan of the virus on surfaces* which directly affected our choice to clean the items listed above. The use of gloves and masks are really just additional measures to ensure we don’t bring anything into your vehicle at any time.

We are acting like we have glitter on our hands and like all parents and teachers know, It will get everywhere if we don’t pay attention… PS let us know if you’re a medical worker we’d love to show some appreciation however we can…

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